Paula Harris

Regional Director of Talent Development

Paula Harris (Swiatko) is a seasoned pro in the entertainment industry in Florida. Having worked more than 13 years as a model, spokesperson, and actress, her delicately crafted talent in front of the camera has taken her from Gainesville to Miami, New York City to Hollywood and jet setting internationally to countries like Morocco, France, Germany, Greece etc. She worked as Spokesperson for Trim Spa. She appeared opposite Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block in an award winning indie film. The list goes on. Discovered at a Florida mall at the age of 17 this beautiful teenager was green in talent and eager to enter the entertainment industry. But how does small town touch Hollywood? The answer is hard work, professionalism and a little luck with industry mentor Garvin Smith.

“A brilliant Director, Garvin was able to identify untapped potential that I had yet to discover. The end result, we finally got The Headshot that launched my career. Garvin is able to capture the unique hidden persona and translate that through camera.

 That’s how careers are launched and stars are born.”