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Determine how to achieve your Acting or Modeling goals before you invest in your career.


In this workshop you will learn what every Actor-Model needs to know to develop the skills that will allow them to get a great headshot.

 Topics covered:

  • Selecting and working with your Director/Photographer
  • The aesthetic styles of headshots
  • The difference between headshots for film, television, theater, and commercials
  • Studio verses natural and mixed light

  • Subjective aesthetics of Indoor or on location photo sessions

  • Clothing selections and pre-shoot preparation

  • Do I need a Hair/Make Up Stylist

  • The WYSIWUG Principle

  Remember your performance in front of the camera must be award winning.

Your reward is “The Call”.

  Your photographer must first be an artist with the knowledge and skills of his craft. Your selected photographer must be a proven industry professional and have a proven track record of working in productions with actors and models, . Your photographer must be a highly skilled Director to lead you into releasing that essence, that inner persona and capturing the “Decisive Moment”.

  You, the Actor must choose the best Director/Photographer you can afford. Remember, “You get what you pay for”.

This is where beginning actors, performers and models invariability make a poorly informed decision.  His or her decision is based on “ I can afford this photographer and everybody is using him/her or I have a friend who is a “Film School ” student that has just bought a camera.

Your decision must be based on “which photographer is going to mentor me during the photo session to help me advance my career skills and can I can take direction from him or her”.

Select only the photographer that has the directing experience and skill to ”Direct Me”.